Beside my work as independent artist from 2015 I am part of the art collective Nation25:

Individual Work:

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Art Collective:

Portfolio Nation25 Art Collective (Elena Abbiatici, Sara Alberani, Caterina Pecchioli)


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My artistic research stems from the analysis and careful observation of those gestures, objects, rituals and daily codes that are able, seen from a different perspective, to shed a light on the latent mechanisms of the relationship between individual and society.


In particular it is an investigation into the power relations between individuals, communities and institutional bodies; on mass behavior, on the conditioning and emotional manipulations of individuals, on trust and fear.


Always starting from suggestions coming from real situations, the research moves, on the one hand, on a symbolic-conceptual level, which addresses these issues from a more universal point of view (such as in the work "Mother War", "Chalk Line", "Safety Instructions", "Sedeo Ergo Sum ") and that led me to broaden the "pre-expressive" communication, the symbolic communication of the body, the mass dynamics and the"political gestures"; while on the other hand it develops in relation to specific social and territorial realities (like "Playground", "Neverland" and "Angionlina called Spit").


The work process and the final form hybridize traditional and relational aesthetics.

Mostly it is  the viewer itself to experiment the stage, inside and outside the theatrical context, and to be confronted with different dynamics.

Specialized in photography and theater, I approach the different artistic disciplines as a single large field from which to take and elaborate elements, to develop, for each project, the most appropriate form, often collaborating with professionals from different sectors.


Because of this my video works, films, performances, photographs and installations, move between disciplines of which the boundaries are often challenged. 

Caterina Pecchioli is a visual artist, director and theorist. She studied at the Art Lyceum Leon Battista Alberti of Florence and at the DAMS (Visual Arts, Cinema, Music and Performing Arts Studies) University of Bologna, where she received her master degree with laude in 2005. Her thesis, Antonin Artaud: Signs and Drawings, won the DAMS Prize and become part of the Fonds A. Artaud  at the Bibliothèque nationale de France.

In 2006 she moved in Amsterdam where in 2009 she graduated at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie and she was nominated for the Gra Award. In 2007 she took part in the project Performativity of Art at the Piet Zwart Institute, Master in Fine Art in Rotterdam.

Specialized in photography (with masters like Carlo Cantini, Betsy Green, Martino Marangoni, George Woodman) and theater (her performance and body research was influenzed by Antonin Artaud and also developed through the encounter with: Cesare Pietroiusti, Tino Sehgal, Virgilio Sieni, Julyen Hamilton, the Odin Teatret, Jan Ferslev and Arnaldo Picchi) she works in a interdisciplinary way. Her photographs, films, videos and performances are focusing on identity and social issues investigated thorught the analysis of daily gestures, community dynamics and power relations between individuals, communities and institutional power. The work hybridize traditional and relational aesthetics, where the viewer is invited to take an active position.


She is co-funder of the collaborative project and art collective Nation25 that organizes the Nationless Pavilion in Venice since 2015 (www.nation25.com, www.nationlesspavilion.org). From 2011 she is taking part in the organization of the Goleban indipendent art-run space in Amsterdam (https://projectgoleb.wordpress.com).

She is often invited to give workshops and lectures in Art Schools and Univestity in Italy and The Netherlands, from 2009 till 2012 she was advisor at the DNA, post-academic department of the Vrije Academie/Gemak in Den Haag. 

Since 2003 she is taking part to many national and international exhibitions, festivals and screening.  

Selection of Exhibitions, Festivals and Screenings: 

- Basic Necessities, invited by SpazioY (Italia),Nation2.0 (UAE – Emirati Arabi Uniti), ABC_Artcollective Editions Mincione (Italy-Belgium). 

2019 - The Shape of Water, A.I Artisanal Intelligence, AltaRoma 2019. - B&W – Black&White, The migrand Trend, art director of the project held by Nation25, MACRO, Museum of Contemporary Art, Rome, Italy. Grenze Arsenali Fotografici, Off, Ex chiesa S.Pietro in Monastero, Verona, Italy. Curated by Simone Azzoni, Francesca Marra and Arianna Novaga. Talking Hands, Screening, MACRO, Museum of Contemporary Art, Rome, Italy. -  Manifesto | iconografie dell'indipendenza, with Nation25, show of posters blighting in the city of Turin. Organized and supported by NESXT, Spazio Y, Mercato Centrale Torino. - Exercise V, with Nation25 in coll. with Kinkaleri for Penta Space, Florence, Italy. Curated by  Valeria D'Ambrosio and Federico Niccolai - Whale Hub - #Undersea presentation and show of Atlas Proxima by Nation25, Strozzi Room, Natural History Museum of the University of Florence. Curated by Valeria D'Ambrosio.

2017 - Mahalla Festival, with Nation25, parallel events of the 15th Istanbul Biennial, Turkey.- Festival Trastevere Rione del Cinema, Rome. - EPICS: migration and living through the artistic practice, curated by Sara Alberani and part of Xeneide, AuditoriumArte, Parco della Musica, Roma. - Eyes wide open, online screening curated by Gravity for All with Villa Romana, Florence.

2016 57° Festival dei Popoli, Firenze. - Aesthetic of Power, Ikono.tv, a cura di Denis Maksimov. - Exile Europa, Greek Pavilion, with Nation25, 15th Biennale Architettura, Giardini, Venezia. - Spaces of Exeption, Sale Docks, Venezia. - Embodying Borders, action in coll. with Nation25, Kinkaleri, Nadia Aururi e Biennale Urbana, nel contesto di Uruguay Pavilion,Reboot Project at Uruguay Pavilion,Giardini, Venice.

2015 A new social contract, "Something Else" OFF Biennale Cairo - The Nationless Pavilion, 56th Biennale Arte ‘All the World’s Futures’, Venice L'arte dello Schermo, Florence - Festival Why Not, Amsterdam.

2014 Cairo Video Festival, Cairo, Egypt. Curated by Medrar. - Home Theatre Domestic Video Art MAAM_Museo dell’Altro e dell’Altrove, Metropoliz Rome, IT. Curated by Mattia Pellegrini. - The White Page, performance with Cesare Pietroiusti, Label201, Rome, Italy. - Sedeo Ergo Sum 3.0, Label201, Rome, Italy. Curated by Abbiatici_Levy. - Sedeo Ergo Sum, in the context of In Relazione, Tenuta Dello Scompiglio, Lucca, IT. - Meglio mangiare poco tutti i giorni che tanto una volta al mese, in the context of  “Di tutto di più”, Montelupo Fiorentino, Florence, IT. Curated by Something Like This with Outarte. - Automatismi Psichici, Centro Luigi di Sarro, Rome, IT. Curated by Stefania Valente. 

2013 Alternative Exactitudes, PAKT, Platform for Contemporary Art, Amsterdam NL. Curated by Kunstlicht. - Art in Progress, Museo Nazionale di Arte Medievale e Moderna, Arezzo, IT. Curated by Danilo Sensi.

2012  Helemaal Melkweg, Melkweg Theater, Amsterdam, NL. - INexactly This: Festival of Independents, Kunstvlaai 2012, Amsterdam, NL Mulle International Arts Festival, Seoul Art Space Mullae, Seoul, KR - Beyondmemory, Fondazione Studio Marangoni Florence, IT. Curated by Marinella Paderni.

2011 L’oeil sur le rues, Parc de la villette, Paris FR. - Palais Paradiso #3, Paradiso, Amsterdam NL. Curated by Jeldau Kwikkel -  Relazioni Interpersonali, Associazione dello Scompiglio, Lucca, IT. Curated by Angel Moya Garcia - All there is, Korzo Theater, Den Haag, NL. - Videoart Yearbook 2011, Festival della videoarte italiana, Bologna University and Triennale di Milano, IT.

2010 Between Heaven and Earth, Museumnacht Oude Kerk, Amsterdam, NL; - Violenza Invisibile, FestarteVideoartFestival, MACRO Museum of Contemporary Art, Rome, IT - 23rd Instant Video with Anemic Festival Prague Independent Film & New Media Art, Prague, CZ. - In the Evidence of Experience, Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam, NL. Curated by bLA, Basis for Live Art - Maggio dello Scompiglio, Tenuta dello Scompiglio, Lucca, IT. - In Between, (solo) Filmtheater 't Hoogt Utrecht, NL. Curated by Kostana Banovic.

2009 - Altijd Bewegen!, GEMAK, Den Haag, NL, invited by Felix Villanueva - Back to the Present, Networking 2009, Arezzo, IT. Curated by Elisa del Prete - Prognosis for the future, Havenkwartier, Deventer, NL. - SerrONE Biennale Giovani Monza ’09, Villa Reale, Monza, IT. Curated by Valentina Gensini - (M)éditorial, 21st Instant Video, Ecole des Arts Décoratifs, Strasburg, FR.

2008 - Contemporanea/Colline Festival 08, Montemurlo, organized by Metastasio Theater, Prato, Italy.Curated by Edorado Donatini - SwanDay Festival, Das Pumpwerk, Berlin. - Corti di Teatro, Palladium Theater, Rome, Italy. - Cinque Anni di Digiarte 2004-2008, City Palace of Sesto Fiorentino, Florence, Italy. Curated by Lorenzo Guasti.

2007 - 20th Instant Vidéo Numériques et Poétiques, Marseille, France. - MUSAE (Urban Museum of Emergin Art), Chiostro Palazzo di Città, Catania, Sicily, Italy. - ArteVideoArt(Te)mpoAttivo, Plasma, Florence, Italy. Curated by Fiammetta Strigoli.

2006 - Rotte Metropolitane, Fondazione Studio Marangoni, Florence, Italy. Curated by Lorenzo Bruni. Qui si Vola, Piazza del Vecchio Macello, Rizziconi, RC, Italy. Curated by Metteo Chini.

2005 - Il Magazzino Festival, Ex Convento, Scarlino, Italy. Curated by Jan De Clercq

2003 - Riflessi, (solo) Photo Gallery Piccolo Formato, Bologna, Italy. - Kairòs, Contemporary Art Center, San Benedetto del Tronto, Italy. Curated by Tatiana Bazzichelli.

2002 - Premio Dams, Scuderie Bentivoglio, Bologna, Italy.


Artist-in-residence and Projects:

2016 Doc Lab, Middle East Now, with Greenhouse Documentary Institute, in coll. with FST and Festival dei Popoli. Florence, Italy.

2016 Free Home University, with Nation25, Lecce, Italy

2014 Masterclass with Dominique Auvray, Festival dei Popoli, Florence, Italy.

2013 CCDS, Controcarrettadellasperanza, artist in residence, Pantelleria, Italy.

2012 Idfa Academy participant, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

2012 Masterclass by Tino Sehgal at Sonic Acts, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

2012 Masterclass by Olaf Nicolai at Sonic Acts, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

2011 - Camillo 2.0, Performance Studies international conference #17, Thecnology, Memory, Experience, Utrecht.

- Vrije Academie/Gemak, The Hague, The Netherlands. Artist in residence.

- Tenuta dello Scompiglio, Lucca, Italy. Artist in residence.

2009 Networking V Edition, Back to the present. Workshop by Luchezar Boyadjiev, Arezzo, Italy. Curated by Elisa del Prete.

2007 Masterclass by Jorge Paris, Base progetti per l'arte, Florence, Italy

Directing corses and body research:

2008 - Accademia sull’arte del Gesto, workshop with Virgilio Sieni, Cango, Florence, Italy. - Julyen Hamilton workshop, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

2003 - Odin Week, Odin Teatret, Holstebro, Danimark. - X Session University of Eurasian Theater, The Theater Laboratory, workshop, Scilla and Caulonia, Calabria, Italy.- The Stage Presence of the Actor, held by Jan Ferslev, Ridotto Theater, Bologna, Italy.

1998-1999 Theater Direction, course held by the director Arnaldo Picchi, Bologna, Italy.

Collaborative Projects:

She is co-funder of the collaborative project and art collective Nation25 that organizes the Nationless Pavilion in Venice since 2015 (www.nation25.com). From 2011 she is taking part in the organization of the Goleban indipendent art-run space in Amsterdam (https://projectgoleb.wordpress.com). She collaborated in 2014 with Lu Cafausu (Emilio Fantin, Luigi Negro, Giancarlo Norese, Cesare Pietroiusti and Luigi Presicce) in the publication "Besides it is always the others who died”; in 2013 she took part in the project CCDS (Controcarrettadellasperanza) in Pantelleria, and in 2005 in the project Wall(k) in Belin with Stalker e Studio.eu. She is tutor advisor of the artist-in-residence program Thami Mnyele Foundation, that promotes the exchange of art and culture between Africa and the Netherlands, where she worked for many years as organizer and secretary. (http://www.thami-mnyele.nl/)


Theoretical publications:

2021 B&W-Black&White, The Migrant Trend in Folios n°3 “Golden Sea” di Moleskine Foundation (Edited by Moleskine Foundation, Editor Anna Jäger).

2019 Re-Artaud in La passione e il metodo: studiare teatro. 48 allievi per Marco De Marinis (AkropolisLibri, Genova, 2019).

2016 Embodying Borders (by Nation25 written together with Elena Abbiatici and Sara Alberani) in  “DREAMLAND. I confini dell’immaginario” Edited by ManifestoLibri (2020) curated by Rosa Jijón & Francesco Martone - A4C Artsforthecommons.

2011  L’esperienza del video, in Video d’Artista, La video-arte dalle Origini ad Oggi (Video Art History), Ed. Polistampa curated by Valentina Genzini.

2007 Il corpo adolescente nella fotografia contemporanea: uno sguardo tra Olanda e Giappone (The Adolescent body in contemporary photography: a look between The Netherlands and Japan) in the book Il Corpo Adolescente, ed. CLUEB, Curator Stefano Ferrari.

2005Antonin Artaud: segni e disegni (Antonin Artaud: signs and drawings), in Artaud Microstorie, Culture Teatrali n°11, magazine directed by Marco De Marinis and edited by the University of Bologna. 

Lectures and tutorships:

8 November 2018 Artist talk at Palazzo Strozzi in Florence, in the context of the educational project "Performing for the Camera" in occasion of Marina Abramovic exhibition "The Cleaner".

February 2013 “Relazioni a Catena / Lab”: Interdisciplinary workshop for families on social interrelationship, held together with Costanza Givone at the SPE, Tenuta dello Scompiglio, Lucca, Italy.

2009 - 2013 Tutor at the DNA (De Niewe Academie), post-academic department of the Vrije Academie, Den Haag.

March 2010 Video Art Worshop, High School “Istituto Tecnico Einaudi”, Grosseto, Italy.

March 2010 LectureAntonin Artaud: signs and drawings, Studium Generale, Vrije Academie, Den Haag, The Netherlads.

October 2009 Nieuw Talent, artist talk and interview by Alex de Vries, Vrije Academie Werkplaats Voor Beeldende Kunsten, Den Haag, The Netherlands.

February 2009 Lecture: Antonin Artaud: signs and drawings, Studium Generale, Maison Descartes, Amsterdam.

May 2007 Lecture: The Adolescent body in contemporary photography a look between The Netherlands and Japan, for the teaching of Psychology of Art, University of Bologna, Italy.

January 2005 Lecture: The Choreographic Grammar of Antonin Artaud, for the teaching of Psychology of Art, University of Bologna, Italy.

2005-2006 Board member of the group of studies in Psychology of Art, founded by the teacher Stefano Ferrari, University of Bologna.

Prizes and grants:


- Shortlisted Doc.it Professional Award 2017

- In competition “Premio Angelo di Castro”


Italian Competition, 57° Festival dei Popoli, Florence, Italy.


Finalist Beyondmemory Award. Selected by Giovanna Calvenzi, Daniele De Luigi and George Tatge. Exhibition at the Fondazione Marangoni in Florence.


- Nomination GRA Awards (Gerrit Rietveld Academie Award) for Fine Arts, Amsterdam. Jury composed by Fons Welters (Galerie Fons Welters) and Maria Hlavajova (Stichting BAK).

- Nomination Young Talent, ArtOlive, Amsterdam.

- Winner SerrONE Biennale Giovani Monza ’09 Prize, Monza, Italy. In the jury: Mario Botta (architect), Stefano Crespi (Art Critic), Luigi Sansone (Art Critic).


- Winner DAMS Prize, with the theses “Antonin Artaud: segni e disegni”, University of Bologna.

- Winner Leonardo’s grant to attend a stage period at the Magnum Photos Agency in Paris.


Finalist DAMS Prize, University of Bologna. Jury composed by Claudio Marra, Renato Barilli and Alessandra Borgogelli.


2016 Mani Nostre / Talking Hands (Italy, Sweden, Germany 64’) prod. Dugong in coll. con Shoot&Post (Sweden).

2013 Giglio (Italy, 9’) prod. Dugong



2013 Neverland / L’Isola che non c’è (Italy, 4’34’’)

2012 Carillon / Autonomous Object (The Netherlands, 8'43'')

2011 In Between (The Netherlands, 5') prod. Filmtheater ‘t Hoogt

2009 Angiolina detta Sputaci (Italy, 11’20’’)

2009 Safety Instructions (The Netherlands, 2’44’)

2009 David & Caterina (Italy, 3’57’')

2009 Male-es (The Netherlands, 2’55’)

2008 Virus (The Netherlands, 2008, 2’03’’)



2016 Embodying Borders a coll. with Nation25, Kinkaleri and Nadia Arouri.

2014The White Page / La Pagina Bianca, performance in 3 chaptersin coll. with Cesare Pietroiusti

2013 Training Power, “Camouflage” Performance, Production SKA Arezzo 2013.

2011 Exit and Exit #1 (2009) Concept and direction: Caterina Pecchioli. Collaboration and Performer: Marie Goeminne Produced by Vrije Academie/Gemak Den Haag 2011

2011 Social ChoreographyInteractive InstallationGame. Equipment: 60 Chairs + 25 Instruction Cards

Production: Associazione Culturale Dello Scompiglio 2013-2014

 2010 Relational Effect installation, with 44 chairs and 2 performers. Performers: Marie Goeminne and Costanza Givone. Production: Associazione Culturale Dello Scompiglio 2010

2007 Madre Guerra. Direction and concept: Caterina Pecchioli, Coreography: Caterina Pecchioli and Marie Goeminne, Performer: Marie Goeminne


Studio Goleb 

Website: www.caterinapecchioli.com

Art Collective: www.nation25.com